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I have always been passionate about fitness, YOGA in specific. Thus, I decided to dig deep in this field and learn more about the science behind it. Yoga taught me significant life lessons and I became stronger, more focused and overall happier.



I found Hatha yoga to be fulfilling, meditative and strengthening both physically and mentally. I was trained by top yoga teachers in Saudi & India.


My Hatha yoga classes are sequenced to accommodate all levels, through alignments, modifications and props along with pranayama. So expect to move, unwind, breathe and mostly have fun!



Sankalpa/ Noun = is a Sanskrit term in yogic philosophy that refers to a heartfelt desire, a solemn vow, an intention, or resolve to do something.

My Sankalpa is To heal by spreading love, positive energy ,  breathing right and practicing Yoga :

Inhale Peace… Exhale worry… Accept tranquility….Release tension… Breathe out Fear….Breathe in courage…. Let go of all anger…welcome love…Release sadness…Receive joy……… To live better life



Started my journey in the fitness industry as a group fitness trainer back in 2017. Being a mother of 2 kids requires me to be strong mentally and physically to give love,care and kindness. My passion led me into studying Pilates where I found myself giving more than I thought. I would love to teach the  importance of Pilates in our daily life and well being of our physical strength.

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